Score one for your future self – changes you make now can improve the rest of your life.

New fees starting June 1, 2017: Fees for life coaching with Kristina Sullivan are $150 per session. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

Payment is due prior to scheduling sessions (most regular clients pay monthly, although new clients are welcome to pay for one at a time). You may pay with a personal check, money order, PayPal or direct deposit. If you cannot make a scheduled session, Kristina requires 24-hour notice, or you will be charged for the session. Refunds are offered for unused sessions with 24-hours notice.

Insurance Note:

Coaching is not a medical service and is not covered by medical insurance.

Another Funding Option:

Some large employers offer coaching as part of their employee benefits, particularly to management level employees. You can ask about job coaching benefits without mentioning Asperger Syndrome if you have not disclosed your diagnosis (or have not gotten a diagnosis).  If you are concerned about stigma in the workplace, you can also refer to Kristina’s other website for technical professionals, which does not mention Asperger Syndrome.

What to do when you can’t afford a coach:

Coaching, like may wonderful things in life, is worth the money – when you have the money.  And sometimes, you just don’t.  Here’s some ideas:

  • Kristina will work with clients who only want one session per month, or less.  Progress may be harder or slower that way, but often a little bit is better than none at all.
  • Read self-help books, or if you don’t like to read, listen to TEDs talks.  It’s important to then implement what you are learning.  Pick something you learned from one of the books, and practice it for a week – or sometimes much longer – until it no longer feels awkward and starts to come naturally.  Don’t limit yourself to Asperger or ASD books.  A lot of what is written for the NT (neurotypical) world can also be helpful for you.  And just ignore the things that don’t seem relevant.  No matter how great the book is, there will always be sections that don’t resonate as well for some people as other people. Suggested areas of reading: interpersonal communication, empathy, communication in the workplace, relationships, thinking patterns, cognitive therapy, organization, motivation, and of course, “coaching yourself”. Kristina offers a list of books here, and there are many, newer books available as well.
  • Check out Kristina’s new page, Free Coaching Tools.  This new section is still a work in progress and content will be added when possible.

Contact Kristina

To inquire about coaching or schedule an appointment, please email Kristina at  Occasionally replies get sent to spam, so please check your spam if you haven’t heard back in a couple of days. You can also leave a voicemail at phone4 (this is a message only phone; please leave a message and Kristina will call you back as soon as possible). Thank you!