Kristina’s clients are primarily professional adults, frequently in technical professions such as the sciences, engineering, finance, law, and information technology.

The primary characteristic Kristina’s clients share is the desire and commitment to make positive, practical changes in their lives.

Coaching works best when…

…You’re willing to undertake a long-term process to create deep and lasting changes.

…You believe that part of the road to achieving your goals involves understanding yourself.

…You are looking for practical answers that you can put in place on a day-to-day basis.

Coaching does not work as well when…

…You want someone else to change. Because the success of the coaching technique depends on the personal proactivity of the client, it is important that prospective clients contact Kristina themselves.

…Depression and other medical illnesses can interfere with the success of the coaching technique. Everyone has a few lackluster days sometimes, but successful coaching requires generally positive expectations and the ability to go out and make practical changes. In addition, depression is a medical condition and coaching is not a medical service. If you suffer from depression or other medical illnesses, Kristina suggests that you first seek qualified medical attention prior to working with a coach.

…You are in a life crisis. Coaching is a powerful technique you can use to improve your life in the long term. It is not as well suited for short-term crisis intervention. If you are in a crisis, Kristina suggests that you seek help from a qualified psychologist.