There are aspects of Asperger Syndrome that you can use to your great advantage.

1. Focus

Your ability to focus on one objective over long periods of time without becoming distracted allows you to accomplish large and challenging tasks.

2. Unique Global Insights

Your ability to find novel connections among multi-disciplinary facts and ideas allows you to create new, coherent, and meaningful insights that others would not have reached without you.

3. Independent Thinking

Your willingness to consider unpopular or unusual possibilities generates new options and opportunities and can pave the way for others.

4. Internal Motivation

Rather than being swayed by social convention, other’s opinions, social pressure or fears, you can hold firm to your own purpose. Your unique ideas can thrive, despite naysayers.

5. Attention To Detail

Your ability to remember and process minute details without getting lost or overwhelmed gives you a distinct advantage when solving complex problems.

6. 3-Dimensional Thinking

Your ability to utilize 3-dimensional visioning gives you a unique perspective when designing and creating solutions.

7. Cutting Through The Smoke Screen

Your ability to recognize and speak the truth that is being “conveniently” ignored by others can be vital to the success of a project or endeavor.

8. Logical Decision Making

Your ability to make logical and rational decisions and stick to your course of action without being swayed by impulse or emotional reactions allows you to navigate successfully through difficult situations without being pulled off-course.

These traits can be used to develop invaluable leadership and entrepreneurial skills.